THE First EP

Kauai Waves

For Felicia & James

This song came together while I was digging my feet in to the white sand on Turtle beach in Kauai Hawaii. Originally accompanied by Jose Ramas on Ukulele (in video) on the wedding day of Felicia Ohnmacht and James Humphrey.

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Start Somewhere

Without ever investing the time in to something or someone, how will you ever know what's truly there?

This piece really encompasses the story that goes with this project. Without risk, without discomfort there is no growth.

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A song about what we want to see and what is actually there.

I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves. Our minds our powerful things. We can see what we want to see, but that does not mean it is actually there.

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One Time

This was a beautiful accident in the studio while recording.

I needed to release some tension in my hands from the structured tick track and this is what came out. Not knowing that my producer was recording the whole thing. Enjoy!

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